Born from the world of experiential, our creative verve has led us to be wildly imaginative visionaries, strategists, and artists. We use our diverse backgrounds and client experiences to help you define and share your purpose.

At KHROME, we’re bold enough to believe that our work – and the way we approach it – can help create a more inclusive and just world. As a majority woman-owned company, perhaps the only thing more diverse than our design portfolio is our team.


S O U L. We possess a keen awareness of the world. We are simply compelled, from deep within, to work diligently and assiduously to make a difference: a different kind of different.

  • Passionate creators and idea crusaders.
  • Smart strategists with an audacious side.
  • Mountain-movers, getting things done with a buttoned-down business acumen.

Here’s the thing… our work is not just what we do. It’s who we are. It embodies us, and we it.

Therein lies the difference.

Catherine Ames

Administrative Specialist

Dave Ames

Director of Photography

Gregg Schneider

Associate Creative Director

Jason Davis

Senior Video Editor

Kim Viduski

Copywriter + Strategist

Luis Avalos

Art Director

Rick Kump

Senior Motion Designer

Nick George

Video Specialist

Shelly Young

President + Creative Director

Travis Vanden Heuvel

VP Business Development

Trevor Friess


Jim Rivett

Founder of Khrome.
A creative visionary with over 30 years of industry experience.

On a cold February day in 2015, KHROME opened its Green Bay doors as a full-service advertising agency. Founded by Jim Rivett, a creative visionary with more than 30 years of industry experience, the firm brought together 12 talented people, all having worked seamlessly together before, all traveling a shared industry path, and all who believe that creativity is never defined by a ZIP code.

KHROME quickly began putting the strategic power of creativity behind companies and brands, but also communities and causes. It’s all part of our agency’s 80/20 rule—80% of our work represents billable time devoted to client services, while 20% is spent in service to the community.