Moving Stories

Television commercials? Check.
Corporate videos? Check.
Documentaries? Check and check.

Featuring complete in-house production and
post-production capabilities, KHROME
develops compelling video projects, crafting
stories with memorable imagery, resonant
themes and engaging narratives that connect

Through the medium of video,
animation—and sometimes film—we structure
cogent frameworks using smart editing to
create frame-by-frame stories out of copious
shoots, photographs and ephemera.

Got a story to tell? KHROME writes the
script, scout the locations, schedules the
shoots, conducts the interviews, auditions the
talent, finds the perfect music, and creates a
visually innovative and emotional video that
gets the attention of your audience (and everyone else)!

We take good stories and  turn them into great stories.


  • Corporate and Industrial Videos
  • Documentary Film
  • Television Series Production
  • Television Commercials
  • Music Videos
  • Scriptwriting
  • Original Music Production
  • Training and Safety Videos
  • Marketing and Sales Presentations


See more of our video work here.

KHROME is located in The Rail Yard  - the same site as the historic, former Larsen Canning Company. We're in the heart of downtown Green Bay, WI, and amid all the activity of On Broadway.

And did we mention that we share building space with Titletown Brewery's Tap Room and Roof Tap Bar? Stop in. Come Smell the Brew.

340 N. Broadway Street
Suite No 400
Green Bay, WI 54303

920 435 2400

KHROME Agency                                                                                2221 S Webster Ave #238
Green Bay, WI 54301

920 435 2400