Strike a Happy Media

High profile. High traffic. High returns.
Say hello to your best media for "higher."

KHROME offers traditional and digital media buying
expertise and experience across television, radio, print,
outdoor, and online. You get a detailed plan that maxi-
mizes your exposure and impact—one that strives to
balance the reach, frequency and costs of your media
options. Our strategic recommendations let you use
your marketing resources judiciously and effectively,
and always in line with your overall campaign strategy
to ensure it’s money well spent.

Negotiating placement and price while hitting all the
right targets, at the right times, in all the right places.

That's All Right.

  • TV and Radio Advertising
  • Media Advertising Strategy
  • Planning and Purchasing

KHROME is located in The Rail Yard  - the same site as the historic, former Larsen Canning Company. We're in the heart of downtown Green Bay, WI, and amid all the activity of On Broadway.

And did we mention that we share building space with Titletown Brewery's Tap Room and Roof Tap Bar? Stop in. Come Smell the Brew.

340 N. Broadway Street
Suite No 400
Green Bay, WI 54303

920 435 2400

KHROME Agency                                                                                2221 S Webster Ave #238
Green Bay, WI 54301

920 435 2400