Putting Brands
on the Map

Taking your brand down the road to greater success
requires a plan. It requires Brand Mapping, our unique
process of collecting information and collective insights.

As thought cartographers, we chart the depths of your
brand relevance and key consumer connections in an
ever-changing landscape.

We take a deep dive into your brand using primary and secondary research. We explore who you are, uncover perceptions, expose threats and unearth hidden
treasures. Intense and extensive, it’s where the most
rewarding discoveries happen.

It starts with
brand Excavation

Followed by your
brand Blueprint

As our active listening begins to take shape, we start to
construct the go-to-market and campaign strategy. We
align the brand, backfill the gaps and calibrate messag-
es for the audiences.

It’s “wow” time. We take the brand personality we’ve
identified and give it a voice to create your unique
“look and feel.” It’s how we begin telling your story to
connect emotionally and inspire brand passion.

Next, your
brand Concept

Finally, brand

Let’s bring your brand to life! We connect the message with the medium, swing open the doors, and make your authentic brand real, putting it out into your target audience’s world.

It’s all part of our key brand strategy.

Because If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, You’ll Probably End Up There.

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Communication Standards
  • Marketing Communications and Strategies
  • Brand Identity
  • Name and Tagline Generation


KHROME is located in The Rail Yard  - the same site as the historic, former Larsen Canning Company. We're in the heart of downtown Green Bay, WI, and amid all the activity of On Broadway.

And did we mention that we share building space with Titletown Brewery's Tap Room and Roof Tap Bar? Stop in. Come Smell the Brew.

340 N. Broadway Street
Suite No 400
Green Bay, WI 54303

920 435 2400